Thomas Health is pleased to announce that Charleston Gastroenterology has a new office at Thomas Memorial Hospital.

Drs. Stapleton, Cumberlidge, and Sankari are now seeing patients at Thomas Memorial Hospital.

As well as preforming routine upper and lower endoscopy at Thomas Health, some of the physicians of Charleston Gastroenterology have additional training in advanced upper endoscopy ultrasound and new office based painless hemorroidal treatments.

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Charleston Gastroenterology Associates, PLLC was established in 1979, we serve West Virginia and surrounding areas with all its gastroenterology needs. Our physicians are trained in the latest techniques in order to provide optimal patient care. From screening colonoscopy, treatment for reflux esophagitis, diagnosing cancers such as esophageal, colon, liver and pancreatic and the latest treatment for medically necessary weight loss, CGA physicians are prepared to treat your conditions. Our staff and physicians take pride in our patient care and being responsive to your healthcare needs.

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A colonoscopy is a procedure that lets your doctor examine your intestines.  Anesthesia or a light sedative is usually used, so you are not awake during the procedure.  A scope (tiny camera attached to a long thin tube) is inserted to see any abnormal tissue, growths or ulcers.  There is little prep work you will have to complete to clear the way for the doctor to see the intestines.  Your doctor will give you these instructions before the procedure.



An endoscopy is a procedure that lets your doctor examine your esophagus, stomach and the upper part of the small intestine.  You may receive a light sedation or anesthesia depending on the procedure.  A scope (tiny camera attached to a long thin tube) is inserted to help find the cause of your symptoms.


Non-Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment

Almost all cases of hemorrhoids and fissures can be cured without surgery. We can help you get relief today by starting you on one of our custom hemorrhoid compounds and if needed plan your office treatment using the safest and most effective hemorrhoid ligation device available.

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